Here are the favorites of the characters in Escape Velocity. If their preferences have any meaning, it's not a scientific one--this is just for fun.


Savanna's fashion sense leans to gray and black. Not Goth, just practical. Always practical.

Does Kate prefer green because it represents money? Or is it the green of envy that drives her?

Melisse loves all things pink. But she might be just a teeny bit worried what Savanna thinks about it.

Liz is a determined achiever and can fixate on a goal. She's drawn to red, like a bull.

Christina loves all the colors. Her favorite should be plaid. But if she has to pick, it's sunny yellow.

So, what does Savanna's grandmother know when she gives Savanna that lavender sweater?

Olivia can be quiet. Blue reflects a calm personality but don't mistake it for passivity.

Mine is periwinkle, sort of blue, sort of purple. Huh, that might explain my choices for this website. Go figure.

A girl's allowed to have fun, right?