I've always loved art.

But, I admit I was a bit of a math nerd in high school. Okay maybe a complete math nerd. Even then, I knew the biggest reason some struggled with math was because of the way it was taught.

I want to encourage girls' interest in STEM subjects and I believe we should teach the joy AND the practical. As an avid reader, then and now, I see novels as a way to accomplish that (and without leaving art behind.)

From tracing the Möbius strip in a Time-Life book on mathematics when I was a little girl, to a lifetime of fascination with space, I found STEM subjects introduced me to the world in a way that opened my mind to endless possibilities.


I want those endless possibilities for every girl.

Jill Murray
Lesser known fact: From 2010 to 2015, I worked in the Office of Presidential Correspondence where I screened incoming mail and email for Michelle Obama.

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